Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A Lovely, Friendly but Polluted City ... Jakarta

I was in Jakarta a week a go. Returned home with a bronchitis problem. I guess the air quality in Jakarta is really not meant for human consumption.
From the aircraft, Jakarta seems to be covered by smog
On my way to the Millennium Sireh Hotel near Tanah Abang
Every morning when I slid open the hotel window curtain, this is what I see ... polluted Jakarta

I decided to take a walk in the morning before the offices opened for business and it was a mistake without wearing a mask

The best and quick way to arrive and to avoid the "macet" or the traffic jams is to use the motorcycle

Day and night, the traffics are always the same ... heavy and more smog

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  1. A good atmosphere in city is hard to find but Kuala Lumpur still the best city place to live because the attitude of its residents..