Saturday, 6 February 2010

Port Dickson: The Crocs Beach?

I was in Port Dickson (PD) yesterday with my son. We were there to fetch Rose, my wife, at the Selesa Beach Resort.  She was attending a leadership course for a week and yesterday was the final day.

The moment I think of PD, I recall the pictures a crocodile at Cape Richardo and that of the injuries of a weekender I saw in the internet. It was truly gruesome.

So while waiting for my wife, my son and me sat on the beach observing people and possibly any crocodiles if there were any.

No, there were no crocodiles. But the crocodile story has really taken its toll. The number of people on the beach was small indeed. Were visitors really taken by the news?

I didn't get any pictures of the crocodile but took some pictures there with a Nikon D700, Nikkor 18-35mm zoom and a Nikkor 70-300mm zoom. Here they are.