Sunday, 17 January 2010

A Duck Named Chit

My son, Hakim, named the duck chit. I don't know why. May be every time he fed her he would say chit, chit ,chit. So it came to be known as chit. No shit!

Initially there were four ducklings. Three died leaving chit as the only survivor. We meant to breed them so that they multiplied but now chit is more of a pet than a livestock.

 Chit isn't asleep

 The Three Stooges. Chit leads the way.

 Chit was the smallest among the ducklings.

She was too small to drink from the bucket.

Chit then was always bullied by the larger siblings. Look at her feathers.

When her siblings died she was all alone

Now Chit is a big beautiful bird. I snapped this photo with my D700 while she was doing the duckwalk.

Searching for insects for breakfast, I guess.

 I know who will cry if Chit dies or goes missing