Friday, 21 May 2010

Beginning to Write

Of late, I really hate to write. It really is a block added with hatred and the result is just unimaginable. But I have to write something to keep my sanity and to keep low of my depression.There are so many things in my mind right now. If I were to write them down it'll take days to finish. Moreover, I'm sure it may not be proper for me to write something that may break people's heart and mine, too.

I have a picture here in 2002 when my graduate students and me visited a university in Beijing.

I'll think of something interesting to write but definitely not today..


  1. I was thinking of you just an hour ago. Glad to see that you at least posted about not wanting to post. That's a first step.

  2. gud to read sumthing from u pak Ngah.get well soon

  3. Pak take care yourself...

  4. pakngah..waiting for your next post,write something..:)