Sunday, 21 March 2010

Grounded Theory Workshop at Scenic Taylor's University College Lakeside Campus

Dr Andy Lowe from the Grounded Theory Institute, Mill Valley, California conducted the workshop.

Some of the participants from local varsities.

Taking a break at the cafeteria...cozy and clean.

These two GT experts are my excellent mentors

One of them took this photo of myself ... not bad heh!

The venue was at Lecture Room 5.

Students waiting for the elevators to attend lectures.

Taylor's University College new campus is just awesome. I took some photos for rememberence. Here they are:

I'm sure Taylor's UC students are so proud of this new Lakeside Campus.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Some pictures of Perak

Serene ... Taiping Lake Garden

Cool street

The trees must be more than 50 year old

Taiping town  Lima Sen (five cents) shop ...interesting.

Taiping must be an old town.

This souvenirs shop is in Kuala Kangsar.


Fishing near Bukit Merah

A good spot for fishing but I didn't catch any.

The mosque near Bukit Merah

The hills of Taiping.