Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I'm almost back (from Hyperthyroidism)

A few weeks a go, I was doing an experiment on myself.  I decided not to take the pills from the clinic prescribed to me by the doctor for hyperthyroidism, an ailment that I have suffered since 2002.The pills (carbimazole and propanolol) were prescribed to me since then and were supposed to be taken everyday. When the dose is finished the doctor will prescribe a new dose for me. But out of curiosity,  I did not go to the clinic to get the new dose just to see what would happen to me. So I was without the pills for more than three weeks.

These were some of the symptoms of my dependency on carbimazole and propanolol:

1. Tremors (hands, legs and lower jaw).
2. Heat intolerance (couldn't sleep because I felt my body was very warm).
3. Weight loss ( I lost about 1kg in three weeks).
4. Emotionally unstable (anxiety and always depressed)
5. Sweating a lot.
6. Loss of libido
7. Faster pulse (110 /min) when relaxed.
8. Muscle aches (difficult to get up from sitting).
9. Weakness and fatigue
10. Diarrhea (after meals)
11. Shortness of breath
12. Poor memory
13. No mood in doing anything except fishing, hehehehe.

The conclusion: I'm taking the pills again as I'm not cured, yet. So be cool with me if you notice that I'm pretty much self-orientated.


  1. Lucky Pak Ngah takes your medication back..

    kami baru nak report kat DR Pak Ngah..haha

  2. Salam Tn Haji. Saya juga mengalami penyakit spt Hj sejak thn 2008 sehingga saya kehilangan berat badan sebyk 3 kg hanya dlm masa 20 hari. DR mengatakan saya mengalami tyroid yg sgt2 aktif. Tgn & kaki saya menggeletar spt org yg ada penyakit parkinson. Saya perlu mkn ubat 2 kali sehari setiap hari. Disamping itu sebagai alternative, saya juga mengamalkan makan Madu (Masad Gold) dan Pati Madu Sawda dr syt PRM dr Kedah. Alhamdullillah saya sudah semakin sihat dan almost sembuh dr semua simptom2 penyakit tyroid ini. Pd hujung 2009 saya check darah dan resultnya menunjukkan saya bebas dr tyroid. Tn Hj, saya bukan penjual, cuma niat ingin berkongsi kebaikan Madu & Sawda yg saya makan ini. Mungkin Hj juga bole mendpt kebaikan drnya, InsyaALLAH.

  3. Wah Linda! Lama tak dengar berita. Masih di IJN ke?

  4. Terima kasih, Zieya. Masa Pak Ngah tak makan ubat doktor, Pak Ngah cuba minum minyak kelapa dara. OK jugak tapi minyak kelapa dara tu ada sikit aje. Harganya pun boleh tahan jugak.

  5. selamat mengambil ubat kembali ya Pak Ngah..
    entry "chit" & "fauna" menarikk!

  6. Iyer Pak Ngah, saya masih lagi hamba abdi di IJN..hahahaa

  7. So sorry to hear that you are not well. Thinking of you and hoping things will improve with the medication.

  8. Thank you all for your thoughtfulness.

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