Saturday, 5 September 2009

Warga Emas Tanjung Sepat

I believe not many Malaysians or Selangorians really know where Tanjung Sepat is. It actually is a very small town or may be kampung on the west coast of Malaysia in Selangor. It's quite near to Morib.

Tanjung Sepat is not a famous town. The population is mainly Chinese. But it became famous after the General Election 2008 because of the issue of the largest pig farm in Malaysia and it is located in Tanjung Sepat.. Khir Toyo and the Selangor Goverment were blaming each other for the farm.

My son Ajib and me visited the town recently to take some pictures. Ajib for his photography and me for my photojournalism. He has a lot to show you while I got these two photos for you.