Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The Weather and the Angler

The storm is coming but I will endure.

Ajib (red T-shirt) waiting for the siakap to emerge. But then it rained ducks and chickens.

Wait! After the storm in the afternoon, Ajib continued fishing. I was busy with this entry of my blog when suddenly I heard a scream of joy. Ajib caught a huge siakap. Wow! We haven't caught any siakap for quite a while. So I snapped these photos below using my D700 for remembrance.

It sure pumped up his adrenaline. Ajib was trembling with joy!

Inilah yang dipanggil Gitar Siakap!

If anyone like to see the fish, it's in the pool in front of our house at Pantai Sepang Putra, Bagan Lalang (below).