Thursday, 16 July 2009

UPM Bintulu Campus

Last Tuesday, July 14th, 2009, I was invited to give a talk to about 350 new students of UPM, Bintulu Campus. My first visit to Bintulu was in 2002 but it was only for a day and it was so brief and I didn't bring my camera and that I could not recall how Bintulu really look like . My journey to Bintulu was via Kuching. I managed to take these two pictures at the Kuching Airport below before boarding the Fokker to Bintulu.

Kuching Airport has changed tremendously. It's like a midi KLIA.

The Fokker to Bintulu is owned by the MASwing

I left Kuching at 4.50 pm and arrived at Bintulu Airport (below) at 5.55 pm.

I was received by Mustafa and Qayyum (MTM boys) at the Bintulu Airport which is like a mini KLIA

The driver fetched me at the airport to this small but OK hotel. All good hotels in Bintulu were fully booked, said the driver. I reached the hotel at 6.30 pm and later that evening at 9.00 pm I delivered the talk for two hours to the students. I was exhausted.

The next day Mustafa and Qayyum (The MTM Boys) took me for a ride around the campus. Take a look at these photos.

Above is a dining hall of the Rajang College and below are the hostels.

Then they showed me where the students did their field work.

After the trip, the they took me to the Bintulu town. They showed me the unique Bintulu Town Hall building (below)

Later they took me to the Tamu or market. Belacan Bintulu is very popular here.

Communication Research Method 2nd week Lecture

This semester I have been assigned by my boss, Associate Prof Dr Siti Zobidah Omar, to teach a course that I have been longing to teach: KOM 5311 Communication Research Method. The students are those doing their master's degree in Corporate Communication. Arriving from Bintulu at 5.00 pm yesterday, I rushed to UPM to teach the course that started at 6.00 pm. I took these two pictures below when I entered the lecture room at 6.15 pm. I was late and students were waiting for me.

There were quite a number of them. One is from Nigeria (below)