Sunday, 5 July 2009

Senam Seni in UPM

THE MAN of the day who was responsible for the grand event.

Yesterday (4th of July 2009 = US Independence Day) I was at the Bukit Ekspo in UPM witnessing a grand event of some 6000 new students performing Malaysian aerobic dances. Here are some of the highlights.

We didn't win anything except the hearts of the audience.

These guys are good dancers.

These are some of the 14th College students.

Engineers-to-be-students of K11

These are the hands of the 12th College students.

K14 students performing the Silat Dance.

This guy just killed a Great White! No, actually the shark is the Mascot for his college.

My friend Syed Agil was in awe over the emotions of the students.

These 10th College students were the Red Devils of the event.

In the end, K14 managed to secure third place in the Best Mascot Category. The Mascot is actually a penguin. I'm proud of my K14 students. Syabas my children!