Saturday, 4 July 2009

When you don't feel like writing, just write.

So I'm writing something now to overcome the block. Famous writers said, to break the block just write. Write anything you want. May be, just rewrite something that you have written. Do not think of what, why and how you want to write it. Write with your heart. Write what ever comes across your mind. For example, right now I see a bottle of spritzer in front of me. So I'm going to write something about it. It's an empty bottle of mineral water. I want to drink but can't. So I have to get a bottle from the fridge. No, not yet. Let me finish this last sentence first. OK. When you write do not bother to look back at your grammar or your spelling. It's OK. You can do that later. But first you must finish your first paragraph. When it's done, it's time to rewrite. You rewrite with your head not with your heart. Write at least 150 words everyday about anything you can think of. That will make a good habit out of you.