Thursday, 16 July 2009

Communication Research Method 2nd week Lecture

This semester I have been assigned by my boss, Associate Prof Dr Siti Zobidah Omar, to teach a course that I have been longing to teach: KOM 5311 Communication Research Method. The students are those doing their master's degree in Corporate Communication. Arriving from Bintulu at 5.00 pm yesterday, I rushed to UPM to teach the course that started at 6.00 pm. I took these two pictures below when I entered the lecture room at 6.15 pm. I was late and students were waiting for me.

There were quite a number of them. One is from Nigeria (below)


  1. ada x student mcm me, mahani, lam and yen linng?...kekeke

  2. muka tension jer nie Pak Ngah...