Monday, 15 June 2009

Psychocybernetics : From Matt Furey

The Force Behind Your Habits

Each and every one of us is a creature of cosmic habit force. We're either using it in a positive way - or we're not. Gettingup early to exercise is doing something positive that can benefit every area of our lives. On the other hand, getting out of bed and reaching for a smoke and a bottle of booze - that's an example of cosmic habit force taken to the negative extreme that we call addiction.

Being compelled by a positive habit force is good. Being and addict is not.

The key thing to remember is that both good and bad habits begin with a single repetition. And in most cases, neither habit is truly enjoyed at first.

Whenever you see a successful person - take note of his or her habits. He didn't begin with positive habits. They were learned. They were repeated over and over until the habit took hold and little if any thought about 'should I or shouldn't I?' takes place.

No matter what you want to accomplish in life, you can do so when you know the thoughts behind others who have succeeded before you - as well as the daily habits these people followed. And the good news is that if you think the same way and do the same sort of things, you'll reap similar rewards.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz noted that it takes 21 days for a new habit to begin to take hold. The same goes for the creation of a more powerful self-image. If you spend time each day rearranging the furniture in your own mind - putting yourself on the winner's track - within a few weeks you won't want to go back to your previous thinking and behavior. You will become accustomed to the NEW YOU - the person with more empowering thoughts, beliefs and habits.

Think of a new, positive habit you'd like to form. See yourself engaged in that habit - then follow through with action. Do this every day without fail for 21 days and you'll have changed your life.
It doesn't take much to change - but it does require a decision to be more than you are right now.

What is it you'd like to do? Picture it - then do it. Today.


  1. Ermm..wake up early around 6 am is something that I want to develop since ages but failed...hahaha...

  2. Maria,

    It failed because your visualization was not detailed enough. While on the bed before you sleep, visualize vividly that you wake up tomorrow at exactly 6.00 am. See yourself getting up easily. Make sure the picture you visualize clear and vivid. Do it for 21 days or better 40 days. Good luck.

  3. Tried that quite sometimes but end up I still cuddling with my pillow and continue with my sleep..except when I need to attend early meeting at 9 am. But thanks for the tips..Will try again tonight and the nights after... :)

  4. Pak Ngah,
    rite now, i used to sleep very to change it..setting dah lari la Pak Ngah.huhu..Pak Ngah nak dvd tu ke? ley carikan

  5. tu la. me oso,hard to get up early. tapi yang baeknya, pandai plak mate ni bukak sendiri before 7am. hahah

  6. Tahniah Pak Ngah!!

    sile dapatkan award diblog saye ;)

  7. Siti, Maria and iYda,

    It will take time to develop any bad habit or nasty addiction and it will take about the same time to "un-develop" it. Be patient and keep feeding the rain with the positive pictures.The brain can never tell which pictures are true or false.

  8. there is so much to learn and to develop positive habits in our routine...