Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Shawal 1429


Hari Raya is always memorable and definitely indelible. This year we celebrated the 1st of Shawal in Bagan Lalang. Unfortunately, Rose (my dear wife) wasn't feeling well. She contacted fever, possibly viral, and the agony of pain was clearly reflected on her face. She slept after performing Fajar prayer and all I could do was nothing. So, the 1st of Shawal this year was unceremoniously glum.

But later in the afternoon she claimed that she was OK and wished we could go to Rembau to visit her parents. We fullfilled her wish in a convoy of two cars. But before the journey we managed to pay a visit to our neighbor's house, Hanif. He has a beautiful house and furnished like a palace. And the food ... well let's put it this way: Magnanimous !

My daughter Maryam Nadiah tasting the mouth watering dishes with hanif watching.

Off to Rembau after the visit. Mak, ayah, Yati, Vim and Fatimah were all too eager to accept us as guests. Tina and Jamilah with their family were there, too. Still, Rose was too sick to be cheerful. Kesian dia!

OK! This video was produced last year 2007. Enjoy it!