Thursday, 25 September 2008

My new camera, Nikon D80

I bought the D80 on September 22nd and I must admit my satisfaction over it. Took some photos of my son, Hadi, at Photokem, the shop where I bought the camera

The camera wasn't cheap for a government servant like me but the bonus from Pak Lah was well invested for my psychological cravings. My wife didn't know it for the first few hours. But the free Nikon shopping bag that came with the camera revealed the secret. Was there a commotion? No! And I was really surprised. Usually when I bought anything of that price, she would start displaying the wrinkles on her forehead. Not this time. I was a bit disappointed, though. A person who always complained has suddenly adopted a new communication behaviour. May be she was fascinated by the camera and the images it produced. The images from the D80 are simply ..... indescribable. Nak cerita pun malas! Lazy to tell the story lah!

At Photokem, Hadi wasn't interested in my indulgence. Mind you, this boy is going to be a good negotiator. He said this to me "Mak mesti marah kalau dia tahu" (Mom will be furious if she knows). I replied "Jangan cerita dengan dia, ya?" (Don't tell her, ok?). The story did not stop there. When we were approaching the Toycity he proceeded "Abah belikan Hadi mainan tu. Nanti Hadi kata kat mak, abah belanja Hadi lah". I didn't realize it but that was actually a subtle persuasion and an effective threat to win any negotiation. He won the Bandai toy.

I bought the D80 because it was made in Thailand. If it's made in Japan, I believe I would not be able to own it. With the rare economic turbulence in Malaysia, I am pretty sure that not many Malaysians can afford the luxury of Japan anymore. May be a great statesman like Pak Ngah :) can accomplish the "mission impossible"... insyaAllah.

Forget politics now. Lets get back to the images from my D80.

Take a peek through the blind and you may have the idea where I live.

Zaid Ibrahim was here! Hope he'll be back when the nation is proper.

These are not macro images.

They were shot from a distant using 135mm lens.