Monday, 30 June 2008

7th of July

Monday 7th of July is the first day of the 1st semester 2008/2009 session. Frankly, I got tired of this routine. Starting lectures, supervising students, advising them (may be they should be the ones advising me!). So what am I going to teach them? The KOJ3433 students may want me to take them to somewhere for the field trip session. I'm thinking of taking them to Jakarta. I want them to write something about poverty in that overcrowded, densely populated city. But do they have the money for the trip? I am worried if they return to UPM poorer. Let's see. First they have to produce RM300 for the passport. Then about RM400 for the air tickets (Air Asia), then the hotel, ... ah! No way, forget the idea. It's just too much. If they are going to write about poverty and take pictures as evidence then Jakarta may not me a suitable destination. They must start from here in Kuala Lumpur or other remote districts in Malaysia. I once saw poverty in Malaysia. I think it was in Terengganu or Kelantan. I don't quite remember. Those poor people were living in ruined shacks. Take a peek inside their "home" and you'll see nothing but old mats covering the rotting floor. Go to the kitchen and try to imagine that you are having a meal of rice in cracked plastic plates and drinking from coconut shell. I bet you'll be thankful more than ever.